Value Added jeans manufacturing company

Our Mission

To offer product and service which is competitive in quality, price and delivery keeping sustainable practices our top priority

Core Values

Being part of a developing economy, we consider it our duty and primary responsibility to care and give back to the society we dwell in.

1 – Customer Satisfaction

We take immense care in providing the best service to our customers and keep that as our top priority.

2 – Socially responsible

As a socially responsible company the well being of our members and surrounding community is important to us.

3 – High performance standards

We are constantly updating our operations and optimising them to increase productivity

4 – Women Empowerment

We understand that women play an important role in supporting the community, so we are gradually increasing female staff.

5 – Gender equality

We are unbiased towards all genders and provide equal opportunities to all.

6 – Integrity

Above all else Staying true to ourselves and self reflection is the thing that helps us move forward and improve.

Key to success

Meet the Team


Asim Jah


Farhan Razzak

Marketing Director

Sarmad Masood

Chief commercial officer CCO

Sabir Hussain

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